Linux Command – chsh

chsh – command is used to change the user’s login shell from the available shells. To check the available shells By using –list-shells argument a user can […]


Linux Command – dstat

dstat – allows a user to view all the system resource usage in real time. The output of this command is detailed information in columns and […]

Kaizala – Get work done on chat

Kaizala is a project from Microsoft Garage which helps the users to work done by tracking all the tasks like, jobs, bills, location and much more. […]



Jenkins – Installation on Ubuntu 1

Installation of Jenkins on Ubuntu Server 16.04 Pre-Check before installing Before installing Jenkins on Ubuntu check for Java version and Tomcat server is running. Check […]

Jenkins – Installation on Windows

Jenkins supports cross-platform web application. Steps to install Jenkins on Windows machine. Windows Go to Jenkins Homepage select the Windows from Download. A zip file will […]




Jenkins is an open-source automation server for continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and automated testing, written in Java. Jenkins is one of the best tools […]


Webmin – is an open-source configuration tool for managing Unix or Linux systems through a web interface. A user can remotely monitor, setup services, manage users […]


Webmin – Installation and Getting Started

Installing Webmin on CentOS 6.6 and Ubuntu server 16.04   CentOS 6.6   [[email protected] ~]# (echo “[Webmin] > name=Webmin Distribution Neutral > baseurl= > enabled=1 […]